Sunday, October 18, 2015

Celestial Observatory - Part 3 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello again! How's your crafting going? Great I hope! This time we're crafting the Crystal Street Lamp and Star Chalice. You will need 14 Polymorph Nina, 14 Perfect Peridot, 14 Glass Vial, 28 Sunstone, 42 Fish Fin, 70 Pearl, and 28 Black Pearl for 7 Crystal Street Lamps and 8 Monsterous, 8 Shadow Oil, 8 Pristine Vial, 24 Sunstone, 32 Fish Fin, 48 Pearl and 80 Fire Blossom for 8 Star Chalices. Seeing the list of ingredients like that sure seems daunting huh? Both of these recipes are also sold buy Gearwise, the street lamp is 16,950 gold and the chalice is 14,430 gold.
     I like both of these items. They are both very pretty and add an awesome accent to your home so you may want to craft a few extra. I love how the street lamp pulls focus and adds to your enviroment with out taking up a ton of space. Also, Terry tells me that King Parsley really like the Star Chalice and it may just help you get some Amber, I know I'm always on the hunt for it! 
      These are the last crafted items, so few? I know right, I was surprised too, that's why I'm thinking that the Celestial Observatory may be the easiest to craft houses, aquiring Fish Fin and Sunstone are the hardest part! Time will tell though. I plan on crafting all of the houses and featuring a break down of each one like I have for the Treetop Getaway. Next week I'll cover the last few ingredients and where to find them. Happy crafting!

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