Sunday, December 20, 2015

Deck the Spiral with Yuletide Plants

      I received a Missile Toe seed in my Yuletide pack this year. I think that this holiday, I'm going to try my hand at farming for seeds. Rumor has it that Boon Tree seeds are dropped by Nightshade, Jade Oni and two different groups in Mirror Lake. I bought a Boon Tree seed last year and was sadly disappointed when it did not return a seed at elder harvest. That is just wrong on so many levels.

     Assorted varieties of Snow Apple seeds can be farmed from several sources in Polaris and regular Snow Apple seeds can be gleamed from Winterbane bosses and fishing chests at the Polarian Shipwreck. Happy Holidaisy seeds can be beaten out of Nightshade and the Elephant Spectral Guardian in Mirror Lake. Sadly, no one seems to drop Missile Toe or Point Setta seeds.

     From everyone here at Castle of Crafts, we hope you are enjoying your holidays and your farming has been productive!

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