Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Wyrd House - Part 1 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello again, continuing on with the crafted houses this month we're going to craft the Wyrd House! This house is the absolute easiest to craft, I completed it in only 3 days! There is only a total of 6 items to craft to make this house and if you're lucky you can even find two of them in the Bazaar. You will need 2 each: Brick-Walled Pond, Cephalopod Obelisk and Jar of Mushrooms.
     To buy the recipes you will need a total of 74,910 gold. The recipe for the house alone is 60,000 gold, add in 2,730 for the pond, 9,780 for the obelisk and 2,400 for the jar of mushrooms. Total that's less than if you purchase a home from the crowns shop with gold. The reagents are also easily found, the three hardest being Fish Fin, Sandstone and Vine. To complete this house you will only need 6 Forest Lord, 4 Poison, 12 Storm Shark, 2 Precision, and 8 Spirit Armor treasure cards and then 14 Aether, 2 Amethyst, 40 Ancient Scroll, 56 Black Lotus, 26 Black Pearl, 168 Deep Mushroom, 6 Fish Fin, 6 Glass Vial, 10 Grendleweed, 40 Mist Wood, 20 Nightshade, 2 Perfect Ruby, 4 Sandstone, 10 Shadow Oil, 2 Simple Vial, 160 Spider Silk, 80 Stone Block, and 1 Vine.
     This property is definitely Wyrd! The main house is supported by spider like legs that shift the house back and forth! If that's not too much for you to handle check out the small but decent multi-level yard and two houses, both with only one room each. Item limit is 250 outside and 250 combined between the two houses. Unfortunately there is no dueling circle.
     All in all this creepy, Avalon themed property would be a great addition for any Death Wizard and is definitely the easiest and quickest of crafted houses to make.

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