Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 Days of the Spiral

     On the first day of the Spiral KingsIsle gave to us, a brand new, three part dungeon! Can't get enough of Krampus? Well you're in luck because he's the star! They have also changed the animation of the Krampus spell, it looks cooler than ever before, even as Krampus uses it against you.
     The wooden key room houses a Rank 6 Krampus who drops level 15 gear, a stone key will admit you to a Rank 11 Krampus who drops level 50 gear and last, surely not least, a gold key opens the gate to a Rank 15 Krampus who drops level 120 gear. Please note that the only gear we got dropped was an exclusive wand.
  •   "Naughty Naughty. Punctuation is a virtue." If someone is late to join; in wooden key he will cheat cast link, in the stone key version I believe it's power link and in the gold key area it's random between power link and a single form of scald which also gives a negative seventy-five accuracy charm.
  •   He steals your blades if you don't give them to someone else. Unless you use bladestorm, then he only steals yours.
  •   "Tis the season of Krampus" At the fourth or fifth round he will call three minions, a random mix of ice and storm, if hey are defeated they will be recalled.
  •   He also does an interesting dimension shift where all negative hanging effects are given either to the last player or the last minion; this includes charms, wards, and Damage over Time. He will retain all positive. "Krampus is everywhere"
     Just in case you happen to run across any pirates, make sure to let them know, KingsIsle gave away free permanent mounts today also. If you'd like to check it out... -hands you a piece of parchment- I took some notes.

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