Sunday, December 4, 2016

Myth Wizards Guide to Crafting Level 30 Aquila Gear

     Yes! Aquila gear DOES come in Myth yellow. My suggestion: RUN, do not walk, to the Dye Shop with this. I get that you want to show your Myth School pride - I do too! I choose to do so with Myth Blue though, and this outfit does look pretty sharp when dyed Myth Blue. Way better than that bright, glaring, retina burning yellow.

     We have Khalkos Coppersmith back in Dezzy's Closet. Normally, as you enter the garden from the chariot, you can find him standing guard just to the right of Mount Olympus, within The Garden of Hesperides.

Senator's Poetic Set


Adept's Poetic Set

390 445   (+55)
12% 12%   (+0%)
7% 10%   (+3%)
21% 24%   (+3%)
25% 26%   (+1%)
26% 27%   (+1%)
11% 15%   (+4%)
0% 3%   (+3%)

     Comparing the two Sets of clothing still doesn't show much of an increase in properties to make it worth the time, effort, or reagents. Here's what you'll need to make all 3 items in the set ...

1 Senator's Poetic Laurel
1 Senator's Poetic Toga
1 Senator's Poetic Boots
13 Donate Power
40 Pristine Vial
20 Crystal Vial
17 Black Pearl
70 Water Lily
80 Blood Moss
70 Ore
20 Red Mandrake
10 Pearl

      Additional Outgoing is always a good thing. It is only 3% though. This means an additional 12 health to a standard fairy. With the additional Incoming received you can realistically expect an extra 28 health points from a standard fairy - just considering the difference between the 2 outfits. You can receive a heal worth an extra 60 health points from a standard Satyr with the upgraded crafted set. I'm still not sure that justifies even 70 Water Lillies, let alone all the other reagents and treasure cards.

I do think that before I emptied out my reagent cabinet to make these recipes, I would compare the properties to the clothing that is available in Mooshu first. Here are links to the MooShu crafted clothing iffin you think that this sounds like a good idea:

Myth Wizards Guide to Crafted Clothes in Mooshu Part 1

Myth Wizards Guide to Crafted Clothes in Mooshu Part 2

     Please keep in mind that the numbers above reflect the properties given when the entire set is worn together. I have provided a link to the Dezzy's Closet page of our website that gives the clothing recipe and info for the sets, and the names of the individual items that make up the sets - just click on the set title. These pages are not yet available through our site but I have given exclusive early access to our blog readers!

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