Sunday, November 27, 2016

Azteca Housing - Part 3 - Crafting with Savvy

     Hello there! We are continuing with Aztecan crafted housing this week and I will be covering the Azure Azteca Column, Azteca Kiln, Azteca Scaffolding and the Carved Atlatl (a spear thrower). These recipes range from 27,000 to 33,750 gold, require you to be a Transcendent Crafter and are all available from Cantares Five Flowers in the SaltMeadow Swamp, he has been enjoying all of the company and visitors.
     Azteca Kiln
     This kiln is huge! I'm not just photoshopped in, that's me really standing in the mouth of this giant stone oven! It's so huge that I can't really find a use for it other than to craft the Treetop Getaway. Each one needs 1 Efreet(tc), 1 Fire Trap(tc), 1 Furnace(tc), 25 Black Coal, 20 Ghost Fire, 10 Stone Block and 5 Sandstone.
     These little scaffolding are really handy to use as shelves or pedestals, they don't take up much room yet are prefect for displaying pet sized items on top. 2 Rebirth(tc), 1 Earthquake(tc), 30 Mist Wood, 8 Agave Leaves and 20 Leather Straps are required for each. The recipe isn't too bad other than the Agave Leaves.
     This column is very pretty, has anyone discovered a good use for them? If so I'd like to hear all about it so I can get some ideas! This column needs 20 Perfect Sapphire, 5 Sandstone, 8 Stone Block, 2 Fossil and 5 Turquoise, a pretty steep price for each.
     Carved Atlatl
     This item is purely decorative, it easily fits on a table and is quite small. It's requirements however are not; 10 Shadow Oil, 5 Mist Wood, 1 Golden Pearl, 15 Cat Tail, 5 Red Mandrake, 1 Fossil, 2 Turquoise, 10 Bronze Gear for something most people probably won't even notice sitting there.
     That's all for this week. Good luck with your turquoise and fossils, Terry says you can grow Fickle Pickles to earn some more but I never had any luck getting them to drop what I wanted them to. Do you have any tips on how to get fossils? I'm always running out of them!
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