Sunday, November 13, 2016

Test Realm is Open!

     This interruption in your normal crafting program is brought to you by KingsIsle! Dezzy and I have found ourselves in an alternate realm that seems to have put us slightly back in time to some point a few days ago but in this alternate spiral we're no longer maxed and there are all kinda of things for us to explore! I'm bursting with all the things that I want to tell you but I don't want to ruin the surprises so I'm only going to tell you about some key points.
     We can now explore Mirage! I'm so excited to see a new world and new creatures again AND this one is warm so no need for those heavy coats! It is a little dry though so don't forget to bring lots of water.
     There is a rumor of an apartment in the Arcanum! I can't wait to see what that's about but getting Dezzy to take a break from her crafting table and explore with me is like pulling teeth from a Gobbler sometimes!
     Not a maxed wizard so you don't really care what's going on? If you talk to Babbage Basset in Marleybone there is a bunch of new housing to play with! You know I'm SUPER excited about that! I can't wait for it to go live so I can create some aMAZEing things! As far as I know, if you can get to Marleybone he'll talk to you. I don't want to spoil it so all I'm going to say is....GO TALK TO HIM!
     There are some stat changes, a new one added and of course with max being raised to 120 the amount of gold you can hold at that level has also gone up. Also, the appearance of your stats and friends list menu have been tweeked a little bit and I have to say that I like the changes.
     Last but definitely not least, there is some crafting! Not much so far and I believe Dezzy wants to tell you about it next week so I'll leave that to her. If you want more details you can check out the travel brochure yourself -hands you one-. Until next time everyone, happy exploring!

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