Sunday, February 26, 2017

Windbreaker Breaks Out of the Lair

     Woot! I can NOT believe that Dezzy and Savvy are trusting me to post on the blog! Woohoo! What kind of trouble can I get into? HEY! Why does it say that my posts need to be approved by a moderator before posting? AWW MAN! So NOT fair!

     So last week Terri was telling you that Orange Dandelions and Trumpet Vines were the best seeds to plant iffin you're needing leather straps. But where can you get the seeds, you might ask? Well, if you wanna be boring, you CAN just run to the bazaar. I don't think I have ever seen fewer than 100 Orange Dandelion seeds up for sale. They cost 960 gold EACH. EACH! Trumpet Vines are also plentiful, but they will run you 1920 gold. Again, that's the price for ONE!

     IF you go to Mooshu, Marley will sell you Orange Dandelion seeds for 1200 a pop. You could try hunting down Roger the Shrubber in Avalon, but his price for Orange Dandelion seeds are just as bad as Marley so I do not recommend either source. I also wouldn't suggest visiting Harley in Celestia or Narley in Zafaria, they will try to charge you 2400 gold just for a teeny tiny seed. Well, I do suggest visiting Narley, but not for seeds. I love that little dude, he truly is Narley, hehe.

     So if you are cheap like me, you might be wanting to find a better solution. Well what better way to get what you want than to go beat the snot out of some baddies? 120 different creatures are reported to drop Orange Dandelion seeds during their death throes. What? A little graphic? Would you rather think of it as searching the pockets of dead dudes? EEW! Click HERE for a little more info on creatures that drop Orange Dandelion seeds.

     123 critters could possibly give you Trumpet Vine seeds. I admit that I only have information on 35 of them so far. For the list of creatures that I do have, you can click HERE.

     Yeah, I know, I need to get a move on with filling in the information. Creatures get added to Hunter's Lair EVERY DAY. I'm not even gonna pretend like I'm the one that does it, but I get someone to do it each day.

     One last little tip: If you have access to some of the "Goody Items" you can get seeds from them as well. It requires more patience since you can only collect once a day but is WAY easier than battling some big ugly boss. The rain option of the Aberrant Carnivorous Plant located at Botanical Gardens and the Sarcophagus at Darkmoor Manor can give both Orange Dandelions and Trumpet Vines. The Minotaur at the Acropolis and the Gorilla at The Sun Palace might give you Trumpet Vine seeds. The Horn of Plenty at the Winter Wind Tower could produce an Orange Dandelion Seed.

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