Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ore! Hunting for Reagents

     So there are close to 500 creatures that drop ore, I can't really be expected to have info on ALL of them yet can I? *Sigh* Scarlet and Dezzy are both nodding YES. I do know 100 creatures that drop ore. While I may not have a complete list of critters that drop ore, I DO have a couple of tricks up my sleeve. Don't I always? *WINK*

Top 6 Hunting Options for Stuff

  1. Yacate Farwalker
  2. Yacate may only drop 11 things of interest but RIGHT NOW one of those things is a St. Patrick's Day themed wand. Since you can only get these for a limited time every year, I have pushed this boss to the top and extended the list to 6 instead of only 5. Yacate isn't known to drop the Lucky Leprechaun, be he COULD and it just hasn't been reported. He does drop the Pet Egg at Easter and the Valentine Pig during the Friendship Festival, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility entirely. Yacate also drops some nice health opals, a couple decent treasure cards, and a small selection of mega snacks. Since Yacate is the first battle in Xibalba it is possible to just do a grab and go without finishing the dungeon.
  3. Shane von Shane
  4. If you are a glutton for punishment, or serious about trying to get decent gear while hunting for ore, then Shane von Shane is your go to guy. He drops 35 different items of interest, including Gold Skeleton Keys, several rare-ish treasure cards, amber, mega snacks, and lots of gear. Shane von Shane is the final boss in Darkmoor's Upper Halls so you will definitely have your work cut out for you but the haul potential is incredible.
  5. Meowiarty (Rank 12)
  6. This is the version of Meowiarty that is located within the Meowiarty Archmage Challenge Housing Instance. Combined with Pendragon, who is in the last spot on my list, you can bounce back and forth between the two since Pendragon drops this housing instance. Meowiarty drops 32 items of interest and hardly for the faint of heart, especially if you are solo farming. But then again, he is a kitty cat compared to Shane. His list of drops include 2 different exclusive pets, two different socket wrenches, Stone Skeleton Key, a multitude of ultra seeds and mega snacks, and 4 mounts - two temp and 2 permanent.
  7. Jokul (Tier 2)
  8. If you have access to Winterbane, find a victim - uh, I mean wizard - between levels 21-40 to bring along for the ride. At tier 2, Jokul has the best drops, which is kinda screwed up if you think about it. Top tier ought to have the best stuff. Amongst the possible drops you'll find several level 30+ crown gear items, 2 different wildclaw pets, some fairly rare seeds and a great selection of mage snacks.
  9. Gladiator Dimachaerus
  10. Glad is an unsung hero of farming. You can often find Ghost hanging out in Mount Olympus now that she can access it. Doesn't help that Dezzy is often with her hunting for braided vines. Depending on your level of course, Glad can be quick and easy. Pack cleanse charm, and a myth wizard to pierce Bones' armor and you'll sail right through the battle. Glad drops the exclusive, and original, Enchanted Armament pet, lots of hard to find reagents, plenty of gems, and the ever elusive Exalted Mastery Amulets!
  11. Pendragon
  12. As stated above, Pendragon drops the Meowiarty Archmage Challenge Housing Instance, as well as two other One-Shot Gauntlets. He is also known to drop a small assortment of holiday items, but St. Patrick's Day doesn't really seem to be on his radar. Guardian's Vestment crown gear, Wolfhound pet, and assortment of huckleberries, decent-ish reagents and snacks, and some interesting gear round out Pendragon's drop list.

     WHOA! This is way more work than I had planned. So I'm gonna be quick and easy with my list of quick and easy hunts. Unfortunately, you can't get ore dropped before Avalon, it seems. The following critters won't give you anything very exciting but most of them are right on the streets and easy to find without putting up much of a fight. Unless you're like level 40, then you could have a little issue with them.

Top 5 Easy Hunting Options

  1. Matkis Axethief
  2. He doesn't drop much, but he is fun to battle!
  3. Death Seraph
  4. Drops an exclusive seraph pet.
  5. Grim Seraph
  6. Drops a different exclusive seraph pet.
  7. Fomori Giant
  8. Drops ore, is easy to get to, and has 2 wooden chests within reach.
  9. Foul Skirker
  10. Have you seen this guy? He looks like he just needs to be taught a lesson on principal.

     Dezzy is saying this is more work than I've done all month. Don't tell her that I said this, but she's quite probably right! I had planned to also do a Hunting for Seeds section. If you really are serious about trying to grow the plants that Terri had suggested last week, here are quick links to the creatures I have on file to drop those seeds. Good luck!

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