Sunday, April 2, 2017

Balance with Elemental Based Boosts - Dragonspyre Crafted Clothing

     Elemental school spells have some seriously low accuracy. I thought Myth spells were bad, but dang. Balance wizards who have chosen elemental based spells for their secondary school will be quite happy with the accuracy boosts of these crafted clothes.

     Balance wizards will find Zanara Sablemoon in the Tower archives, not far from The Atheneum entrance. She has a variety of clothing recipes for Balance wizards that are level 44 and higher.

Warning from Dezzy:

You will need to stock up on Sandstorm treasure cards and ore to make any of these full outfits. Hunter and Terri both shared ways to help create a healthy stash of Ore.

Smoldering Set of Equity


     First up this week, crafted clothing for those with Balance/Fire combination of schools. This outfit has a decent balance between accuracy and damage boosts - no pun intended, I swear. As far as fashion sense goes, the majority of the Dragonspyre clothing is pretty sharp looking.

Chilly Set of Neutrality


     This is not a typo. Balance/Ice wizards really do get a 30% damage boost to Ice spells, when they wear all 3 pieces of the crafted outfit. All I can say is "Holy dragonpoo!" Combine this clothing with a ring, athame, amulet, and gems that increase your resistance and you will find yourself well on your way to tankdom.

Thundering Set of Stasis


     Balance wizards using Storm spells will receive an incredible 10% accuracy boost while only receiving a 6% damage boost to Storm spells. Granted, Storm school is all about the power but I think that personally I would rather have an accuracy boost with my clothing. Triangle sockets are hard to come by and it is rare that they are unlocked when you receive the item. I would much rather use my triangular sockets for gems that give item cards than accuracy boosts. The circular sockets that hold damage boosting gems are a lot easier to find.

     Please keep in mind that the numbers above reflect the properties given when the entire set is worn together. I have provided a link to the Dezzy's Closet page of our website that gives the clothing recipe and info for the sets, and the names of the individual items that make up the sets - just click on the set title. These pages are not yet available through our site but I have given exclusive early access to our blog readers!

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