Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sandstorm! Hunting for Treasure Cards

     Hey howdy hey! It's me again! I'm here to hop on the sandstorm bandwagon. Hey, not my fault. Dezzy says balance wizards wanting to craft the Dragonspyre clothing are going to need lots of them and I aim to be helpful. Ok, so my aim is often a bit to the left of helpful, but I'm working on it!

     Sadly, I only know of 22 creatures that drop Sandstorm. Don't gimme that look Dezzy! I KNOW I was aposta be concentrating on creatures that drop sandstorm but Alric and I have been trying to fill in some blanks about creatures we can collect animus from. Tell her Alric!

     For those wizards who are planning to follow Terri's advice, I have compiled a list of creatures that drop Boom Shroom seeds and that drop Fickle Pickle seeds.

     That's pretty much all I got. Sure I can suggests bosses and such but it's really up to each individual as to what they might be hunting for along with the sandstorm, and I'm just plumb tuckered out from the Egg Hunt yesterday. Speaking of the egg hunt, keep your eyes peeled, Scarlet is pouring through pictures and plans to upload some to facebook within the next few days. Oh and BTW, one last thing ... Hoppy Easter everyone!!

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