Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sandstorm - Gardening for Treasure Cards

     This week's post is pretty much a no brainer. Two plants can produce Sandstorm treasure cards when you harvest them: Fickle Pickles and Boom Shrooms. Growing 10 Fickle Pickles for a full month netted me 2 sandstorm treasure cards. Two. I only had 10 seeds to grow Boom Shrooms for one cycle. This took 8 days from planting to elder. Boom Shrooms produced 8 sandstorm treasure cards. EIGHT!! WOOT!

     My last blog post was about Gardening for Ore which you can also get from Fickle Pickles. Balance wizards who are looking to craft the Balance Clothing that Dezzy has been showcasing COULD plant a boat load of Fickle Pickles and hope to get enough Ore and Sandstorm -- and you WOULD ... eventually. You would also get lots of other interesting Treasure Cards, reagents, snacks, and probably enough Fickle Pickle seeds to vegetate Mirage with a bit of time and effort.

     Personally though, I would plant at least 10 Boom Shrooms for Sandstorm Treasure Cards and fill the rest of a large area with Helephant Ears to get ore. They both require water and neither have pest needs greater than rank 2. Boom Shrooms also require music, but you can easily fit 10 plants into a medium area and use 8 energy for the music spell. Then use the large area spells for water and pests and your garden is all good to go!

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