Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blizzard: Hunting for Treasure Cards

     BRRRR! The things I do. Not only did I volunteer to get pummelled by a Blizzard but I added lots of creatures that drop it. *Groan* There are comments from the peanut gallery. Fine. Digby, Alric, Dezzy, and Ghost added most of them, but i did do a couple too!!

     I currently have 55 critters that drop Blizzard Treasure Cards. There are 81 total, and I did actually research and I think that we do have the best of the best at least. So Hunter's Lair is almost ready to be available to foot traffic! I'm so hyped and I can't wait! I was playing with the search feature and have some links for you :)

     Oh! I know! Last week Terri said that you might want to grow Frozen Fly Traps to get Blizzards. Well, 2 people drop Blizzard and Frozen Fly Trap seeds and it is the same two people as my first list. So I guess you might really want to start with Wretched Elexorien (Tier 1) or Wretched Elexorien (Tier 5). They both could possibly drop Frozen Fly Trap seeds, Ore reagent, Blizzard Treasure card, crown gear, at least 1 pet, and even mega snacks! If you don't have access to Winterbane, you can always try to find one through Castle Tours.

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