Sunday, September 24, 2017

Celestial Housing - Part 1.2 - Crafting With Savvy

     Hey everyone, this week we're going to look at five more items from Celestia; the Celestian Crescent Artifact, Lamp, Bookshelf, Tree Sprig and Crystal Street Lamp. The Crescent Artifact is found with Zellozosia the HomeGilder in the Sardonyx, the rest can be found with Gearwise in the Base Camp.
     Crystal Street Lamp - 16950g
     I absolutely love this lamp; I've crafted SO many of them! I just love the way the crystal sparkles and casts light. These are needed to craft the Celestial Observatory which is actually how I found them. You have to be a Master Artisan or higher and 2 Polymorph Ninja Pig(tc), 2 Perfect Peridot, 2 Glass Vial 4 Sunstone, 6 Fish Fin, 10 Pearl and 4 Black Pearl to craft each.
     Celestian Bookshelf - 9255g
     This bookeshelf is awesome! I love how it actually has books! While you can't actually set anything on it the sehlves are already full, no need to search the spiral for tiny objects! You will have to be an Adept Crafter and provide 2 Giant(tc), 1 Perfect Citrine 1 Glass Vial, 6 Kelp, 3 Aquamarine, 16 Water Lily and 4 Fish Fin for each one.
     Celestian Crescent Artifact - 45000g
     If you aim to collect all of the Celestian objects don't forget this one! You will need to be a Promethean Crafter and it requires 24 Shell, 6 Perfect Amethyst, 13 Comet Tail, 7 Aether, 24 Scales and 7 Astral Shard. This has got to be the hardest piece to craft with the amount of shells, comet tails, scales and astral shards needed.
     Celestian Lamp - 3900g
     I've used these to line or even create some really cool pathways or to even accentuate doorways. I do wish they were lit up or could be lit though, it's odd for them to be dark. Your crafting rank needs to be Adept or above and you will need 1 Polymorph Treant(tc), 1 Ghost Fire, 1 Crystal Vial, 3 Aquamarine, 7 Kelp, 19 Nightshade and 3 Scales on hand.
     Celestian Tree Sprig - 9690g
     These are my favorite trees in the entire spiral, they are just so pretty and don't take up a whole lot of room. You will also need to craft three for the Celestial Observatory as well. Crafting rank Master Artisan for higher is required as well as 1 Gargantuan(tc), 1 Perfect Amethyst, 1 Shadow Oil, 5 Golden Pearl, 3 Fish Fin, 5 Sandstone and 7 Diamond. They are pretty easy to craft but can be found in the bazaar as well.
     That's all for this post, see you in a few weeks with the last four items from ancient Celestia. Until then, happy crafting everyone!
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