Sunday, October 8, 2017

Meteor Strike: Gardening for Treasure Cards

     Hello fellow gardeners! I'm afraid that I don't have very good news for you again this week. You'll only get Meteor Strikes from Burning Snap Dragons and in 30 days I only received TWO. Ugh. You don't necessarily want to increase the growing rate with these since it doesn't need to be an elder harvest to receive Meteor Strike.

     Fair warning, you won't get more Burning Snap Dragon seeds at any point so you'll either need to plant regular Snap Dragons or Maelstrom Snap Dragons in hopes of receiving more seeds. Helephant Ears and Red Huckleberries can also produce Burning Snap Dragon seeds. I would go with regular Snap Dragons personally, they have produced the most Burning Snap Dragon seeds for me and you will receive regular Snap Dragon seeds from your Burning Snap Dragons. It would take extra energy though as they have different needs.

     Also, you can always buy Burning Snap Dragon seeds from Marley in MooShu, but he'll charge you 1800 gold for each seed. That's a lot! If you are planning to buy seeds, prolly best to check the bazaar first. I bet you can find them cheaper there.

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