Sunday, October 15, 2017

Meteor Strike! Hunting for Treasure Cards

     Hiya Folks! Welcome back to Hunter's Lair. I have notes here from both Dezzy and Terri Saying that you might be hunting for Meteor Strike Treasure Cards and Burning Snap Dragon Seeds this week. I know of 72 creatures that drop Burning Snap Dragon, and 56 thing-a-dos that drop Meteor Strike. I can only think of 8 critters that drop both.

     Want to try your own searches? Shh if you don't tell Dezzy, as it isn't quite ready for public traffic yet, I'll give you an exclusive link to the Ask Hunter page. This is still in beta stage so if you run across an error, leave a comment below stating what items you were hunting for and I'll find someone to fix it for you.

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