Sunday, February 18, 2018

Aether & Spring - Hunting for Reagents

     Ok, I admit it, I'm at a loss here. I guess Terri and I should get together and compare notes. Yeah, yeah, Terri, I know. She's been trying to get me to do this for a while but I always do my blog posts last minute and really have no clue what I'm going to cover until then, depending on who drops what. There, I admitted it, happy? It is very possible that my records just aren't very thorough yet, but I really see no critters that drop the reagents that Ice wizards will need for their Grizzleheim clothes or their Celestia gear, that they can get to easily. Plenty of creatures in Polaris and Mirage drop these things, but Celestia or lower? Not so much. I guess I should have covered Treasure Cards this week while Terri did reagents. Even I know you can get Aether and Springs from King Parsley. Aquamarine too even so I'm sure she would have plenty of suggestions for reagents.

     Anywho, There are 13 creatures that drop both Aether and Spring. ONE of these guys can be accessed by wizards at this level by normal methods. I mean yeah, if you have friends who are in Polaris, willing to keep you alive, and you CAN port into the necessary instances, you might can get to some of the others. Most wizards in Celestia are around level 55 which puts them in Tier 3 for the Grand Tourney Housing instance. There you will find Sir Steffan BadApple (Tier 3). He drops both Aether and Spring. He also drops shell, which you also need for your gear. If you are above level 61, that puts you into Tier 4 and you can try The Great Clock Housing instance. Clockworker (Tier 4) is reported to drop both Aether and Springs as well. Clockworkers are pretty much your typical minion in this instance and are located on all four different floors. It IS possible that other tiers could maybe drop them, but I have no proof to support this theory.

     One last possibility is to take a little wizard with you to Grand Tourney and look up Sir Lyonel LaughingStorm (Tier 1). Tell him I said "HI!"

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