Sunday, February 11, 2018

Colossus and Frostbite - Gardening for Treasure Cards

     For those Ice Wizards that are wanting to craft their Grizzleheim and/or Celestia clothing, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you don't need to do a lot of comparison trying to figure out which plants to grow for the Treasure Cards that you are going to need. The bad news is that your options are limited. They are some pretty good options though. OK, I admit, seeds might be a tad bit difficult to find. Also, both Frozen Fly Traps and White Tiger Lily can get up to rank 5 pests. That can be a deal breaker for less experienced gardeners.

     Frozen Fly Traps are going to be your best bet. They give both Colossus and Frostbite - one stop shopping, errrm I mean gardening! Frozen Fly Traps also happen to be the only plants that will produce Frostbite. Frozen Fly Traps are dropped by over 216 creatures! If you still can't manage to lay hands on a decent hoard of seeds, you can buy them. You can possibly find them in the Bazaar or track down Barley, Harley, or Narley. They are going to cost 3k gold each from vendors, so personally I would try to shake some out of creatures first. When I grew Frozen Fly Traps, I grew 10 of them for 30 days and received 39 Colossus and 10 Frostbite. That is more than enough to craft the clothing that Dezzy told us about last week.

     White Tiger Lily and Ultra Tiger Lily will also give Colossus but are hard to find seeds for. Seeds are not sold by vendors, and are only dropped by 136 people - mostly in Polaris and Mirage sadly. You might be able to track some seeds down in the Bazaar if you are lucky. White Tiger Lily also has the additional perk of possibly producing Amber. I did get ONE when I grew 10 White Tiger Lily for 30 days. I also harvested 18 Colossus during that time frame.

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