Sunday, February 25, 2018

Celestial Housing - Part 2.2 - Crafting With Savvy

     Welcome back everyone! We're finishing up the items to host your very own luau with the Water-Mole housing. I will be discussing the coconut drink, tiki statue and skinny tiki totem brought to you by Gearwise and a tiki totem from Zellozosia the HomeGilder. The tiki statue and the tiki totem look exactly the same...besides a HUGE size difference. Shall we drive right in?
     Tiki Totem - 45000g
     I like this little statue, I could see lining a path with a mix of these and torches, maybe even a few fronds here and there. It was pretty easy to craft too, 30 Ectoplasm, 15 Aquamarine, 14 Comet Tail, 10 Stone Block, 15 Frost Flower and 5 Nightshade. Just about all of these are hard to find but you need so few it wasn't too bad. But you will need to be a Promethean Crafter first.
     Skinny Tiki Totem - 6360g
     These are really cool, I've used them in many places to mark hidden passage ways and doors. They are pretty small and don't take up much space at all yet draw attention. Plus, they are very easy to craft, 2 Strong(tc), 1 Ghost Fire, 1 Crystal Vial, 5 Aether and 6 Scales; you will only need to be an Adept Crafter.
     Outrigger Paddles - 7515g
     These little decorations are also an ingredient! They are used to make a regular keeper multi-tank! I've made quite a few to show off the fish that I've caught, so many in fact I had to build another castle to house them all, Savvy's Aquarium will be open to the spiral soon. Each set of paddles requires 1 Sniper(tc), 1 Amethyst, 2 Crystal Vial, 3 Sunstone and 7 Shell.
          Regular Keeper Multi-Tank - 5500g
     This recipe can be found with Frode Silverscale in Northguard but the ingredients are a bit harder to come by: 2 Mote of Wisdom, 1 Outrigger Paddles, 2 Kid Carp, 25 Shell, 25 Kelp and 15 Black Pearl. Yeah, it's a tough one BUT these tanks are SO cool!
     Coconut Drink - 2850g
     This little drinks sure are fun, if only we could change the color of the umbrella! Maybe someone should suggest that we be able to dye some housing, wouldn't that be cool? It's a good thing you can usually find this item in the bazaar, each one needs 1 Keen Eyes(tc), 4 Shadow Oil, 1 Glass Vial, 18 Red Mandrake, 6 Shell, 5 Kelp and 6 Scales, I wouldn't drink it if I were you...
     Tiki Statue - 6090g
     This statue is HUGE, you can see above how tiny I look standing next to it. I have a few on my Storm House but they are up on the chunks of land, I had never stood next to one, now I understand why they need 2 Polymorph Gobbler, 1 Ghost Fire, 1 Crystal Vial, 5 Aether, 5 Scales, 10 Shell and 23 Fossil.
     Well, that's all for this post everyone. We'll still be working on Celestia's housing next time as well with the underwater themed items! Until next time, happy crafting!
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