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Fire Wizard's Guide to Grizzleheim & Celestia Crafted Clothing

Grizzleheim Clothing

     Fire wizards are going to need a Scald and 10 Phoenix Treasure cards. The most you'll need of anything is 42 Water Lily. You'll also need 25 Perfect Ruby, but you can buy those from many reagent vendors. Click on any of the set titles below to see the full list of ingredients required.

     Carax Strongthread is the clothing recipe vendor in Sudrilund. He can be a little difficult to find if you don't know where to look. When you enter Sudrilund, run around the mob of Coven Frostbeaks and Darkwing Choppers, and up the bridge. If you look past the mob of Darkwing Hewers and Darkwing Choppers, you will see a burning cauldron off in the distance. Carax Strongthread is standing just behind that cauldron, you should be fine if you stick to the path - the mob doesn't venture out into it here.

Sudrilund Fire Set

Gives 1 Fireblade Item Card.
Gives 1 Fire Trap Item Card.
Gives 1 Wyldfire Item Card.

     I think sometimes Fire wizards are lost in the shadow of Storm wizards because Storm students get access to great power right away but never under estimate the damage that a Fire wizard can do. They can be hampered by the same accuracy issues as Storm wizards but receive more health. When you get to this level you are truly kicking behinds. This outfit can greatly increase damage, help with those fizzle issues, and give 10% incoming heal. The health boost is pretty nice too.

Celestia Clothing

     If you caught my last article, this will be a tad bit repetitive. But it needs to be said for those who are just joining us, because instead of having separate vendors based on school, here in Celestia you will find only 3 vendors. Hamish Willoughby will be the first vendor that you run into when you get to The Grotto. He's fairly easy to find since he is in a cage and isn't likely to wander off. He has a collection of various hat recipes. Once you progress to Stormriven you will run into Enid Crowe. She can bestow boot recipes upon you. Eventually, you will make your way to the Science Center and Humphrey Thatcher, the vendor that sells robe recipes.

Warning from Dezzy:

     To make all 3 items in the Celestia outfits, you are going to need to collect 13 - 19 Phoenix Treasure Cards, depending on which outfit you intend to make. You are going to need a decent amount of Aquamarine for all of the clothing sets here in Celestia. The amounts really vary by recipe and some require quite a bit of Kelp, Shell, and/or Spring. The remainder of the ingredients are simple to come by for the amounts needed. Just click on the set title to view the full list of ingredients necessary to make the entire set: the hat, robe, and boots.

Burnt Set of Balance

     These sets are really competitive and hard to choose between. Which outfit to wear will probably boil down to how much you use your secondary Balance spells and desire the Balance boosts that the Celestia gear can give you.

Scorched Set of Sorrow

     The Sudrilund and Celestia gear seems to be on a pretty equal playing field for Fire wizards. Better than we have seen for any of the other schools so far. Decisions, decisions, don't forget you CAN mix and match if you want.

Set of Blazing Bolts

     The Celestia gear provides only a 22% damage boosts for secondary Storm spells but with a 20% accuracy boost to both Fire and Storm spells this is quite the deadly combination of schools. Figure in those critical rating boosts and I sure wouldn't want to run into anyone wearing this gear in a dark alley, let alone in a PvP ring. Yikes!

Firedreamer's Set

     Celestia gear for Fire/Myth wizards gives an unusual amount of Myth critical blocking - makes sense though since it LOOKS like armor. This choice is a toss up and I know I'm starting to sound like a repetitive parrot, but decisions will be based on personal preferences and how much you rely on your secondary school Myth spells.

Pyro's Carefree Set

     I think that most people that choose Life as their secondary schools do so mainly for the access to extra healing spells rather than damage. I really think that I would have to go with Grizzleheim gear with this combination in order to have the global resistance.

Ashen Snow Set

     Ice wizards are known for their tank abilities but they can be very powerful and dangerous too. Even more so with a 52% Damage boost to Ice spells.

     You can have many options if you carry both sets of crafted clothing. You might end up looking a bit eccentric, but you CAN always mix the clothing and wear the boots from Celestia with the hat and robe from Sudrilund. Level 55+ is where wizards really get a bit of freedom to fine tune their crafted gear to their own preferences.

     Please keep in mind that the numbers above reflect the properties given when the entire set is worn together. I have provided a link to the Dezzy's Closet page of our website that gives the clothing recipe and info for the sets, and the names of the individual items that make up the sets - just click on the set title. These pages are not yet available through our site but I have given exclusive early access to our blog readers!

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