Sunday, June 10, 2018

Amplify & Skeletal Pirate - Gardening for Treasure Cards

     Hello, hello! Is me again with news for Death wizards who are in need of Amplify and Skeletal Pirate Treasure cards. Well, anybody for that matter. I don't have a whole lot of choices for you this week, but you really don't need much of a choice with these cards. It would be awesome if there was one plant that gave both but that is not the case.

Skeletal Pirate

     I start with Skeletal Pirate Treasure Card since it is required for both the Grizzleheim gear, and the Celestia gear. Death wizards will find that this Treasure Card is required for 6 hat recipes, 7 robe recipes, 6 boot recipes, an amulet, a deck, and 2 wands. Skeletal Pirate is also used to craft Reg. Whopper Lava Aquarium, Death Jewels level 15 - 35, Captain Canteloupe Ultra Pet Snack, and a couple of other Treasure Cards. Definitely handy to have a decent source of these cards available so that you don't have to buy them.

     Our first plant to discuss is Ninja Figs. These plants can be kind of hard to come by. One cycle of 10 Pink Huckleberries gave me 10 Ninja Fig seeds to plant. I've also managed to wrangle a list of 47 creatures that drop Ninja Fig Seeds from Windbreaker. I've only grown Ninja Figs for one cycle, which took about 23 days. But 10 plants produced 72 Skeletal Pirate Treasure cards which is more than you are going to need for any single recipe with plenty left over to sell. They also provided me with Infection, Plague, and Ninja Pig Treasure Cards. Rumors claim that Ninja Fig plants also can give Amber, though I didn't get any.

     The only other plant that can produce Skeletal Pirate Treasure Cards is the Fickle Pickle. The Fickle Pickle cycle is only approximately 15 days and I have information for 2 cycles so far. I only got 2 Skeletal Pirates in 30 days of growing these. I also received lots of other stuff. As these plants are just as fickle as you would think, it is very hard to predict what you might receive from them. Except seeds, more Fickle Pickle seeds are the only thing I received in large quantities. This plant is a weed.


     Amplify Treasure Cards are more versatile and are required by more wizards than the Skeletal Pirate, I'm sure. Amplify is used to craft 5 hats, 7 robes, 4 Amulets, and 6 different wands. Savvy also points out that it is used to craft a Leaning Palm Tree.

     You do have a few choices for plants that you can harvest Amplify Treasure cards from. At least on paper. All of these plants are hard to come by though many gardeners probably already have a supply of Couch Potatoes. These plants are mostly known and grown for Mega Pet Snacks, but 10 plants averaged 8-9 Amplify Treasure cards per cycle - which is only about 12 days. If you don't already have a stash of Couch Potatoes seeds, Windbreaker knows of 77 critters that drop Couch Potatoes. Good luck :)

     Sour Fickle Pickle plants aren't quite as fickle as their counterparts. But they only produced 2 Amplify Treasure cards within 2 growing cycles. You can't buy Sour Fickle Pickle seeds, they only come in card packs or dropped after battle. Windbreaker could only come up with a list of 11 creatures that can drop this seed - though there are over 50. I would definitely go with the Couch Potatoes. Seriously.

     Last but not least - well the least of information if you want to be technical. Other plants that can produce Amplify Treasure Cards include: Bamboo Shoots; four of the Jewel Blossoms - Circle, Square, Tear, and Triangle; and Ultra Snow Apples. Nobody here at the Castle of Crafts has managed to grow these plants yet. I am ecstatic to report that thanks to this latest round of gardening member rewards we do have enough seeds to grow several of the Jewel Blossoms. This has taken years just to amass 10 seeds since the gardening rewards only pops up twice a year. I will have detailed information on them soon hopefully.

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