Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Amplify & Skeletal Pirate - Hunting for Treasure Cards


     I've got a nice surprise for you guys today. It is actually a mob creature that drops both cards we are hunting for today, so no need to go track down some big cheater boss to deal with. The Piscean Trooper can be found in Celestia in the District of the Stars, The Chancel, The Stellarium or in the Celestian Research Lab if you ARE looking for a challenge. The Piscean Trooper doesn't really drop much which on one hand is kinda ugh - especially since you can't even collect animus from him, but on the other hand he might have better odds of dropping what you're hunting for if he doesn't drop much else. I have no proof of this, it's just a theory, He does drop the Gold Miner Opal, which could be interesting


     I show 39 creatures that drop Amplify. Of the 39 creatures that drop Amplify, 14 of them also drop pets! There are 13 critters that drop Amplify and Pet Snacks Rank 7 or higher.

Skeletal Pirate

     I currently am aware of 48 creatures that drop Skeletal Pirate. Of those 48, 2 also drop Rank 7 or higher Pet snacks. You also might like to hunt up these 9 monsters that drop Skeletal Pirate and pets.

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