Sunday, July 29, 2018

Christmas in July and Holiday Mashup

     Today is the last day for Christmas in July. This "Christmas" brought something brand new to the Spiral! Loremaster is teaching wizards Reindeer Knight spells! There is some speculation as to whether this will only be seasonal since she gives out Krampus year round. Other Christmas activities to indulge in:


     Christmas Fish are chilling in the Spiral. Have you caught them all yet?

  • Mistletoe Angler - This Life School fish can be found in many homelots; Northguard, Grizzleheim; The Commons and Garden of Hesperides, Wizard City; The Oasis, Krokotopia; and Jade Palace, MooShu.
  • YuleToy Fish - This Myth School fish can also be found in most homelots and the areas listed above.
  • Cold Cod - Honestly, I'm not sure if this fish is JUST a winter fish or if it is also currently available as a Yuletide fish. I figured it's best to mention it just to be safe :) This Ice School fish can also be found in the areas listed above plus Baobab Crossroads, Zafaria.

     I have listed the known areas they can be found in, but now that I'm thinking on it, the new fishing areas - such as Azteca - could also yield Yuletide fish. I may need to suggest the possibilty to Duncan for him to check out.


     Hunter has a list of 44 creatures that drop Christmas items My top picks are:

  • Loremaster - I know, I know, I hear the groans. But it would seem that she is actually being quite generous with at least the Krampus and Reindeer Knight spells. Also, this may come as a surprise to our Monstrologists: YOU CAN NOW COLLECT ANIMUS FROM LOREMASTER!! About time right? LOL Now SHE would make an awesome minion, not to mention the possibilities when/IF drops are added to the Monstrodome!! I also can't help but wonder if Loremaster will be teaching the Headless Horseman spell during the Halloween season.
  • Lord Nightshade - We manage to make this guy hate Christmas, if he didn't already, I'm sure. Not only is he the easiest to defeat and farm, he has THE BEST list of drops!
  • Jade Oni - This boss has always been my second choice for holiday farming since you can easily reset him for the next battle. His drop list isn't nearly as impressive as Nighshade but we can collect elephant animus now! That just might tip the scales in Jade Oni's favor a bit.


      The Crown Shop not only has Yultide items up for purchase but they are ON SALE! Heck, that's even better than normal Christmas LOL! Here is a list of the items available for one more day, so hurry:

  • Winter Wonder Pack 2017
  • Winterland Pack
  • Yuletide Pack
  • Yule Mule Mount
  • Snowboard Mount
  • Polaris Express Mount
  • Reindeer Sleigh Mount
  • Mixed Candy Cane Mount
  • Ice Floe Siren Pet
  • Polar Fox Pet
  • Snowball Pet
  • Reg. Keeper Icy Multi-Tank
  • Big Holiday Tree
  • Frosty Yuletree
  • Jubilant Yuletree
  • Festive Yuletide Bed
  • Dashing Reindeer Floor
  • Icy String Lights
  • Color Light Strand
  • Holiday Pine Wreath
  • Festive Yuletide Chair
  • Yuletide Buffet Table

Daily Activities

     Well, it's probably a little late for this breaking news, but Daily Activity reward chests are currently giving out Yuletide themed items.


     Krampus sigils are dotted throughout the Spiral, in their usual places. But if you redeem code keytokrampus before 11:59 CT tonight you can get a free gold key!

Holiday Mashup!

     It saddens me that this is just tacked on to the end of my post. Dezzy and I had been looking forward to this event since it was first announced. I had specifically asked Savvy to cover her week so that I could post a recap of this event. But yesterday was just a lesson in patience and frustration which was NOT the fault of the event host, Edward Lifegem from Around the Spiral.

     We don't get very good WiFi signal in the castle. With the absence of computers and smart phones in the Spiral, I imagine we are lucky to have any type of signal really. We always have to deal with Twitch buffering more than it runs and the fact that it can be like running through molasses during these huge events. But this time we had an added annoyance. Do you have one of those friends that in all reality you SHOULD remove from your friend list? Maybe they are a mutual friend of one of your friends, or had been a good friend in the past but now you avoid or rely on your invisibility cloak? The problem with remaining hidden though is that none of your other friends can find you then. I really should have removed him when he suggested that I should turn off my ports if I didn't want him to port to me every 5 seconds, but I just haven't had the heart to remove him.

     Sorry for the vent/ramble, I couldn't wander off even two feet to take a picture of activities without my friend porting to me and photobombing all of my efforts. Dezzy did manage to get one picture as Area 2 was filling up (pictured above). I admit, I ended up leaving in frustration before the run even started, and went to find some lunch. When I returned after lunch either my portbus had already signed off or had removed me to make room on her friend list for others. After I left, our friend started buzzing Dezzy, who soon gave up too.

     So the Holiday Mashup - I'm sure I can assume it was a great time, Edward's holiday events always are. Many thanks to Edward Lifegem for hosting this event, and our apologies for not having the patience to stick around and give our support.

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