Sunday, March 29, 2015

Castle Blocks - Part 2 - Crafting with Savvy

      After my previous experiments with castle blocks I decided to build the Midday Estate, maybe an entire house made out of the various blocks would be cool. When I got to my new home I began exploring, I didn’t like the house out front much so I tore it down, picked up all the pieces and started from scratch. I found that what is supposed to be a very simple process could become quite frustrating if things don’t line up just right. Nevertheless, there is something amazing about building a house exactly how you want it to be. Oh, you want a tower 6 levels high? You got it!
     One of the cool things about a bundle house is the secret rooms hidden behind a false wall and now with the craftable secret passage blocks any house can have them to an extent. However if you’re building your own home it could lead to anything you want! Also, I stumbled across blocks that are secret rooms all of their own. I had a friend over whom I was showing around the inner castle, I mentioned what a shame it was that the tower didn’t have a door at the top, “I wish I could put a door right here!”, I leaned against the wall and wouldn’t you know? I fell right in! Then I was really excited, I ran over to the other tower and it was just the same! So I went back out to the castle I was building to find that all of those pieces don’t have a visible door but a section of wall that is deceptive. With that in mind and the cost of specialty blocks I went back to the crafting table to take a closer look at some of the more expensive blocks. As it turns out, the 4 wall cube and the windowed tower blocks are not only for mere decoration! They are secret rooms all of their own!
     As you see, Dezzy decided to visit once the castle was all put together again, think she could have helped me build it? Of course not! Don't you know, it's hard work making all those pieces levitate right to where you want them!

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