Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crafting with Savvy - Kitchen Items

     Today I’m going to discuss kitchen items; I mean we all have to eat right? We do eat eventually, right? Well, even if we don’t it will make for a nice place to craft pet snacks anyway. Besides, a house is just not complete without a kitchen. The recipes for almost everything you could want in a kitchen can be bought from the big ‘ol teddy bear, Tarold Wayfinder in Northgaurd, Grizzleheim. He sells recipes from kitchen cabinets to gold place settings.
    The ingredient shelf is even labeled for jars of mushrooms, mandrake and batwings. All but the batwings are also craftable. There are shelves, pots, pans and even craftable food that will really brighten up any home. For those budding chefs you could get really creative with eggs, potatoes and other ingredients found throughout the spiral. Your guests will really feel welcome when you can offer a sandwich, pie or even a steaming pot of soup! For those who haven’t worked up an appetite yet there is always tea or a tankard of root beer. So take a break and grab a bite in your new kitchen; Lord Nightshade will still be there when you’re done! Just don’t forget to keep your piggles contained away from the food! I’m sure no one wants hoof prints in their slice of pie!

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