Sunday, March 8, 2015

Introduction to Krokotopia Crafted Clothes - Myth Clothes

     One of our residents at the Castle of Crafts is a tiny little Ice wizard. As her farming locations are understandably limited, she often finds herself lacking gold for trips to the bazaar to buy better clothing. I was already beyond the Grizzleheim Wintertusk outfits by the time that I realized the value of crafted outfits, so decided to take a look at some of the outfits available for the little wizards.

     I began by digging into the back of my closet and finding the outfit that I had crafted when I was in Krokotopia. Wow, it's hard to believe that I was once that little! And yet, I can almost remember the day I'd first met Marid Au'dran in the Hall of Champions. I was headed to General Khaba, and scouring corners for hidden reagents when I ran across this friendly mander and figured that I would stop to see what he was selling.

     Only 1,234 gold will buy all three recipes for each outfit and the reagents are fairly common ones that are readily available throughout the spiral. These outfits only require basic crafting stations and Apprentice Crafter rank. If you don't really care for your school colors - and who really does like Myth yellow, besides Drake? - or you don't want to give away your school affiliation during PVP, these outfits can be dyed a small variety of different colors.

Frostsage Outfit

Myth school only, Ice secondary
Level Required: Level 15+

Frostsage Cowl

  • +60 Max Health
  • +1% Ice Accuracy
  • +1% Myth Damage
  • +2% Ice Damage

Frostsage Longcoat

  • +85 Max Health
  • +1% Myth Accuracy
  • +1% Ice Accuracy
  • +1% Myth Damage
  • +2% Ice Damage

Frostsage Boots

  • +31 Max Health
  • +1% Myth Damage
  • +1% Ice Damage

Entire Outfit

Max Health:
+1% Myth +2% Ice
+2% Myth +4% Ice


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