Sunday, September 4, 2016

Gobbler ATE Birthday - Housing

     Do you and your friends ever throw birthday parties for each other? My friends and I do and several of us in our group have houses decorated and designated as "the party house". We take turns showing our houses and hosting activities such as housing gauntlets, one-shot dungeons, and games. Have you ever thought of playing hide-n-seek? It can be a lot more fun than it sounds especially when paired with the tag game (which lets you know when someone has been tagged or "found").
     Right now is the best time to make a party house if you're interested because all of the special birthday themed items are back, along with a few new ones including the party buffet table, party chair, 8th Anniversary Gobbler Cake, and a Reg. Keeper Party Multi-Tank. All but the tank can be bought with gold, I sure wish you could craft it. The birthday party cake and the origami party crane did not make it back this year, but the party corgi IS pretty cute.
     Don't forget that you can craft the tag game and others. To craft the Tag Game Kiosk you will need to visit Padraig in Abby Road, Avalon and fork over 27,870 gold. You will need 4 Extraordinary(tc), 4 Perfect Peridot, 3 Pristine Vial, 12 Sunstone, 10 Amber, 10 Weapon Rack, 8 Broken Jail Cell and 1 Carousel or you could craft the Treetop Getaway and the Tag Game will come with.

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