Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dezzy's Closet is Bursting!

     Raise your hand if you have noticed what's new at Dezzy's Closet! You in the back, wearing the red robe from Dragonspyre ...

     YES! You're absolutely correct! When searching for crafted clothing, you are no longer warned about missing vendors or that items are still being added. OMG it took forever but I've finally finished adding all of the clothes and have them stored in my closet. The site has been updated to reflect this amazing news.

     Admittedly, I am still missing some pictures of the Aztecan boots. Manny thought they were so cool that he hid them so that Mandy couldn't take them, and I have yet to find them to take pictures. It is kind of understandable though, as organized as I try to be, my closet is just bursting with clothing now. So until we locate the clothing recipe vendor in Polaris, I have all of the crafted clothing available.

     I also still don't have the sets available for public perusal. I'm not entirely sure when I will because I honestly have no clue how to handle the clothing that comes from Zafaria and later as there really aren't set outfits. I just need a little time to wrap my head around a good way to display which clothes make up a complete set.

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