Sunday, September 18, 2016

Space Management - Terri's Gardening Tips

     Howdy ya'll, how is everyone today? Savvy and I were talking the other day about a problem we have noticed all over the spiral, from garden to garden; how to place objects that our plants like without having to worry about tripping over it and how to get all of the plants in the plot to see all of the objects without multiples. Savvy came up with a great idea that works...
     There are two different solutions that we came up with, Savvy suggested floating a floor castle block and placing the objects on top of it which works amazingly unless you have multiple layers (the block will get in the way of seeing all of your plants). Well, if that's the only problem, why not just float the objects like you do the plots?
     You can find this recipe with Lloyd FallingWater in the Shopping District, by the fountain. All of the castle block recipes are extremely easy to craft, this one only needs: 7 Glass Vial, 5 Fossil, 10 Ectoplasm and 3 Sunbird(tc). The price of the recipe makes up for how easy they are to make with it's price; 10,000 gold.
     Doing this allows the objects to be placed above which frees up ground space so you're no longer tripping on it AND being that they can be placed right over the center ALL of the plants in the plot can see what they like. Have plants that like other plants? Try floating an extra plot or planter high above (but not too high). Then you're not taking space from your plot AND if it's high enough and you stand on the ground to harvest your plants you can leave the liked plant elder and no longer have to take care of that extra plant. They don't care if their extra friend is old!
     Speaking of things that plants like, how awesome is it that plants now drop a lot of what they like? It used to be so hard to get everything together, some stuff was only crafted, some rarely dropped and a few that were almost impossible to get or had to be bought with crowns. There are still somethings excluded but it's now a lot easier for wizards just beginning their gardens.

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