Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Busy Busy Busy! So Many Spiral Holiday Events!

     Hello! It's me again! Oh my goodness there is a LOT going on in the next few weeks! I figured maybe I should post a list real quick so that nobody misses out and forgets one since there are SO many to remember!

     Pat O'Gold is currently in The Shopping District. All the Usual Suspects (I think) is dropping St. Patrick's wands. Hunter Windbreaker has a list of who is dropping the Lucky Leprechaun pet. He and I will be farming Nightshade from 2-4pm EST in the Troll Realm if anyone would like to join us.

     From now through March 18th, 2018 save up to 50% OFF Select Green and Gold Items in the Crown Shop! Click here to visit the official Wizard101 website for more details.

     Saturday, March 17 4pm EST Edward Lifegem is having a St. Patrick's Day Event. His events are always great fun. Those interested should meet in Ravenwood in the Leprechaun Realm. For more info visit Edward's blog.

     Unannounced as yet but coming soon! Eggbert will be in the Spiral soon for the Spring Festival! We might do another Egg Hunt like we did last year, it was tons of fun to meet everyone! I really can't make any definite plans until the actual dates are announced. We can't really plan to hunt for Pet Eggs if nobody is dropping them yet. That would be a big oops! Please keep in mind that if you are hoping to pull a Stormrider Hare mount out of anyone's hat, you will need to be specific levels for each boss:

CreatureWizards must be level:
Lord Nightshadeunder 20
Krokopatraunder 30
Meowiartyunder 40
Jade Oniunder 50
Othin Stormfather,
Malistaire Drake
under 60
under 70
Elephant Spectral Guardian,
Starburst Spider,
Tse-tse Snaketail
under 80
Black Dragon,
Sir Malory,
Young Morganthe
under 90
Huac Cries Blood,
Malistaire the Undying,
Skurkis Screaming Moon (Xibalba),
Yacate Farwalker (Xibalba)
Any Level

     March 24th 6pm EST is Edward Lifegem's Bunny Run! Grab your bunnies and prepare to show them off. Those interested should meet up in The Commons, Wizard City in Unicorn Realm. His Twitch stream starts at 12pm CST and for more information and a list of scheduled events please visit Edward's Bunny Run blog post. I highly recommend finding time for this event!

     First up in April is Christmas -- APRIL FOOL'S!! April 1st is not Christmas, of course, but April Fool's Day! Don't forget to check the crown shop or Wizard101 website to see what this year's pet and/or mount is! It is also Easter for those of you who celebrate it - no not another April Fool's joke, April 1st really IS Easter this year. Hoppy Easter!

     Sunday April 15th is this year's Fansite Festival. I know I said it last year, but hopefully by next year I can get an event organized for this! I've been working on composing my very own trivia notes for you to find around our site and have at least one new game rolling around in my brain, maybe even TWO! I haven't been just lazing around like SOME people (Yes, I AM talking about YOU, Windbreaker!) and April has just crept right up on me AGAIN! There doesn't seem to be any scheduled events just yet but you may want to bookmark the Fansite Festival Webpage for future reference as the event gets closer.

     WHEW! So much for posting a list real quick LOL! Did I forget any?? If you know of any other events going on, please post it in the comments below :)

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