Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fossil & Sunstone: Hunting for Reagents

     Seems like everyone groans when they learn they need either Fossil or Sunstone for crafting. Both reagents are used for a TON of crafting recipes. I do know of 41 critters that drop both, but the earliest you'll encounter any of them is in Avalon - which really doesn't help much if you are looking to craft Celestia Gear. Am I wrong? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Fossil - 79 Creatures

     Until you reach Avalon, harvesting Fossil from Stone Blocks is going to be your best source, most likely. You can get them dropped in several housing instances though. Even if you don't have the instance yourself, the earlier instances can be accessed through Castle Tours. Unfortunately, most of the later Housing Instances will not let you on the sigil unless you are friends with the owner. Any of the Duels and Instances bought from the crown shop will require the owner be present. That's only fair. Many bosses from the following list are known to drop Fossils, when they're in a good mood.

  • Baddle of the Bands
  • Grand Tourney Arena
  • Rattlebones Master Challenge
  • Tanglewood Terror
  • The Great Clock
  • Winterbane Hall

Sunstone - 112 Varmints

     Wow 112 - sounds like sunstones must be easy to come by, right? Yeah, not hardly. Although, you CAN get Sunstones dropped in Celestia! In the Trial of the Spheres though, the final dungeon as you prepare to move on to Zafaria. Amphibaton in the Science Center also drops Sunstone, as does Maglump, also located within the Science Center.

     Marcio and Thunderfin also could provide Sunstones. They are both summoned from the Pylons in Stormeiven. You do need to complete a side quest to access the Summoning Pylons but Alric claims it can be well worth your time as all 5 creatures summoned here can be collected with undead animus spells. Optio Vitale is the earliest Sunstone dropping boss that you will encounter. He can be found in The Chancel - a dungeon located within Celestia Base Camp. You can also come by Sunstones from the following Housing Instances:

  • The Great Clock
  • Zeus Exalted Duel

     Don't get me wrong, there are lots of people in Azteca, Polaris, and Mirage that drop Sunstones. You can even farm Darkmoor in search of Sunstones if you are crazy - um, I mean ambitious. But fear not, Terri is preparing a special blog post for later this week to help you Garden for Reagents if you don't have much luck hunting for them.

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