Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fossil & Sunstone - Gardening for Reagents

     HI everyone! Windbreaker said you guys might need a better source for Fossils and Sunstones. Here I am, to the rescue. Both Fossils and Sunstones are staples in the crafter's reagent cabinet and it is really a good idea to try to always have some on hand. Whether you actually need them right away or not I have some excellent plants that will help stock you up.

     I'm going to start with Fickle Pickles even though they don't produce the most Sunstones they are the only plant that produce BOTH and gives the most Fossils. Granted Fickle Pickles are just that - FICKLE and usually aren't a great source for anything that you are in a hurry for. However, in 30 days they did give me 5 Fossils and 3 Sunstone which is a great performance for this plant. You plant an entire large area of Fickle Pickles and you just might have a nice supply of both Fossils and Sunstones in a reasonable amount of time.


     After growing 10 plants for 30 days I harvested 4 Fossils from Burning Snap Dragon plants. These plants are also an excellent source of Black Lotus, Scrap Iron, and Maelstrom Snap Dragon seeds. Which you'll see below that you just might want to grow Maelstrom Snap Dragons.


     The very best source for Sunstone that I've grown so far is rather hard to come by when it comes to seeds. You can harvest Sunstones from Ultra Fly Traps even during regular harvests. One cycle took 12 days from planting to Elder Harvest and I collected 16 Sunstones from 10 plants. That's not at all bad. But you really can't rely on having seeds all the time. The next best resource for Sunstone is Maelstrom Snap Dragon. I've grown these for 5 cycles and have received as many as 11 Sunstones in one cycle from 10 plants. I averaged about 8 Sunstones per cycle, which takes around 26 days. They also give Ultra Myth pet snacks - always a good thing, according to Dezzy LOL. I wonder if that is why Dezzy always has a nice supply of Sunstones, 3 of our plants today drop really good Myth Snacks. I should peek in her garden the next time I'm visiting and see if she grows them.

     King Parsley is actually my favorite to grow for both Sunstone and Amber. They aren't going to give you a pile of reagents each cycle but these plants are weeds. Ghost started with one seed that she got dropped somewhere and had close to 20 seeds before the first cycle was over. You will have seeds coming out of your ears, always ready to replant another crop after an Elder Harvest plus have some to sell or feed to your pet. With 10 plants, I average three Sunstones every 15 days or so. Like I said, they aren't going to dump a pile of reagents in your lap but they are fairly easy to care for and you can keep a plot of these growing all the time to build up your stores. Fair warning though, you might want to plant these far, far from your house - or invest in some earplugs.

     Deadly Helephant Ears and Evil Magma Peas round off our list of plants that can provide Sunstones. While these plants may produce the least Sunstones of all those listed here today, only 3 in 30 days from Deadly Helephant Ears and only 1 in 14 days from Evil Magma Peas, they DO provide you with a nice amount of other things: especially a variety of Mega & Ultra pet snacks; Aquamarine (both), Diamonds (only Deadly Helephant Ears), Pearls (both), and Sandstone (both) Reagents; Feint (only Evil Magma Peas), Tower Shield (both) and Unicorn (only Deadly Helephant Ears) Treasure Cards - just to name a few! Definitely good plants that never gets higher than rank 2 pests.

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